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Parthena Denise Zapata, MA. LMFT




Allow me to introduce myself. I was born and raised in Greece and moved to the US in the late 80's with my family. From a very young age, I knew that helping people is what I enjoyed doing and as I got older I became more and more interested in the field of Psychology.

I hold two Master's Degrees in Clinical Psychology from Pepperdine University. During my training I worked in a residential facility with children and adolescence with severe behavioral and emotional challenges as well as their families. My experience also includes working with trauma survivors of sexual abuse and domestic violence and providing mental health services as a school based clinician.  


As a therapist, I practice a client centered approach in combination with evidence based strategies to help my clients increase their awareness, work through their challenges and develop an overall healthier lifestyle. I also practice and teach from a trauma informed approach, which allows my clients to feel safe and work at their own pace.


During my free time I practice my self-care by doing yoga, going for nature walks, catching up on my reading and the latest research in the field.  I enjoy learning new information and sharing my experiences with others. I believe in the power of positive thinking, internal dialog and setting obtainable goals. I strongly believe that life was meant to be enjoyed and we all have the ability to make positive changes!!


As your therapist and life coach, my goal is to utilize my educational and professional background as well as my personal life experience to support and guide you in achieving your ultimate goals, overcoming obstacles and setting boundaries for a healthier lifestyle.  ​

Pepperdine University

Graduate School of Education & Psychology
Master of Arts in Psychology


Pepperdine University

Graduate School of Education & Psychology

Master of Arts in Psychology

Marriage & Family Therapy


Argosy University

     Professional School of Psychology        

Bachelor of Arts



WCI - World Coach Institute
Certified Coach

Life, Professional, Youth, Parenting and Family


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